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Quickly get started improving your operational efficiency and quality with MES-AL. Manufacturing Execution System Aluminium is built on years of operational experience in the aluminium industry around the world.

MES-AL delivers information enabling the optimization of production activities from order registration to finished goods.

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MES-AL - Manufacturing Execution System Aluminium

Manufacturing Execution System Aluminium

MES-AL casthouse and foundry management software solution is built on years of operational experience in the aluminium industry. Casthouse and foundry operation is frequently operated as a group of autonomous processes with limited or no communication between them. MES-AL provides mission-critical information about production activities across the enterprise and supply chain via bi-directional communications. Providing management and operators with correct information at right time.

As industries are moving towards the Forth Industrial Revolution, sometimes referred to as Industry 4.0 the need for dedicated manufacturing execution system like MES-AL is growing. MES-AL supports connection to ERP systems and cloud-based solution as well as locally based.

Production & Customer Alloys
Production & Customer Alloys

All production is based on productions alloys that are derived from customer alloy specifications. Chemical composition deviations within customer specification are highlighted for each batch and product. When product is ready CoA (Certificate of Analysis) according to EN-10204 is automatically generated.

Raw Material Optimisation & Sustainability
Raw Material Optimisation & Sustainability

Focus on sustainability requires optimising the use of worst-case scenario raw materials to keep high recycling ratio and minimising the usages of expensive alloying material. At the same time, the process must deliver quality products. MES-AL has the capability to support this process, raw- and alloying material consumption is registered, and unwanted actions are identified and avoided. These actions improve quality and lower the operational cost.

Batching & Standardised Work
Batching & Standardised Work

Work orders are loaded per furnace, batching cycle time is based on predefined standardised work for alloy-product. Detailed information for each process step is included. Graphical overview of actual chemical composition, internal and external composition limits and alloying targets.

Digitized Manufacturing Processes
Digitized Manufacturing Processes

When integrated with quality management and process control, changes to specifications, recipes or standardised work procedures are automatically communicated through a paperless system. There are no “old” paper copies that can result in a safety hazard, lost time, or waste. There is a full system traceability, as all actions and changes are logged in the MES-AL system.

Facts About MES-AL

To keep up with rapid change, casthouse and foundry management, and operations need an environment that allows them to precisely control production and maintain visibility into critical processes. MES-AL provides these benefits and more.

MES-AL delivers value by orchestrating and error-proofing the processes from raw materials to finished goods. MES-AL supports lean manufacturing process, the clear data structure makes problem identification easier and helps eliminating problems and prevent them from recurring.

There are number of MES systems available on the market today. They can be classified into three categories. Add-ons for ERP (enterprise resource planning), add-ons for SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and finally native MES solutions. MES-AL is native MES solution designed from ground up to support the aluminium industry.

It was true in the past and still is in many cases that the MES solutions are expensive and complex to implement and are only feasible for large enterprises. Casthouses of every size are now finding that MES solutions can deliver real benefits and compelling return on investment by using the MES-AL solution.


Process Know How & Support

In addition to the MES-AL system, Al-Genius provides consulting services to the aluminium industry. Core focus is on value added production, project management, continuous improvement, supply chain management and use of industrial data to support management decisions.

Projects worked on include the entire spectrum of products, sheet ingots, extrusion ingots (billets), and foundry alloys. As well the whole project lifecycle from feasibility studies, design, equipment selection, installation, operational readiness, commissioning, and operation.

Al-Genius mission is to help our customers in improving their performance and their production. If you are interested in exploring our capabilities, please fill out the contact form and let’s find out how we can help you improve your business.

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